On 25 May 2023, the International SOS Foundation hosted our sixth Duty of Care Summit & Awards at the Fairmont Austin. Now in its fifth year, the Summit brought together industry-leading experts for discussion, debate and practical case studies on protecting a global workforce.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, civil unrest, as well as environmental and economic pressures on global organisations, this year’s theme encompasses the focus on resilience and change in light of robust and challenging circumstances – Leading Change for a Re-Imagined Future.

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As working patterns change, and employee expectations heighten, the nature of an employer’s Duty of Care responsibilities too evolved. Our legal and global mobility experts will discuss how organisations can adapt to accommodate the variability of the standard workplace environment, from legal compliance, and company culture, to security and health risk mitigation. 

Considering technology advancements, content fragmentation, data privacy challenges, complex health and security incidents, and expectations of travelers, the realm of travel is complex. As many of these disruptors are significantly impacting organisations, how do stakeholders best respond? In this session, our panel of travel, technology and risk experts will uncover the disruptors impacting the world of travel, and how they impact a mobile workforce. What does the future of travel risk management look like? 

Considering the influx of financial, environmental and political pressures, the importance of safeguarding our physical and mental health is clear. But how can you adopt a workplace culture centred around mental health and wellbeing uniquely fit for your people? Dr Kennette Thigpen Harris, Chief Clinical Officer at Workplace Options and Oliver Harrison, CEO at Koa Health will discuss best practices, methodologies and their outlook on creating a wellbeing-centric workplace. From utilising technology, developing effective programmes and providing the right mental health services, our panel with share how to best tailor your approach to receive the best outcomes.

Bringing together global NGOs and humanitarian sector specialists, our panel will address the unique complexities of operating in active conflict zones and how NGOs protect their front-line workers in times of volatility. The session will offer delegates the unique opportunity to discuss security risk management best practices when operating in high-risk locations and how corporate organisations can leverage their methodologies when operating in these environments. 

As the working environment evolves, and the fight for top talent continues, stakeholders have an important role in creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace culture. This session featuring leaders in HR and workplace health and safety, will explore the best practices for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. They will address the potential hurdles and practical methods for resolution as part of a broader Duty of Care ecosystem. 

Looking to the future, will the residual learnings of COVID-19 result in an improved pandemic preparedness and response? With reoccurring epidemics and strains on healthcare systems, this session will reflect on the lessons learned to help adapt for the future. From broader collaboration, the use of technology, to the compounded security impact, our experts will provide tactical guidance to better prepare for the next pandemic.

Each year, more than 2 million people in the United States are a victim of some form of violence in the workplace, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In light of the current context of the workplace, how have organisations’ Duty of Protection and Duty of Care evolved? Our experts will share how organisations can reduce the likelihood of incidents while being prepared to effectively respond if necessary. The panel of security experts will explore how an enterprise approach to mental health and wellbeing is essential to an effective workplace prevention programme.

The escalating frequency of misinformation has presented a major challenge for organisations over the years amongst the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts. Sourcing up-to-date and validated information plays a critical part in an organisations Duty of Care responsibilities. In such volatile times with trust across institutions being damaged, our experts will discuss strategies for gathering and analysing intelligence and information. 

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